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  1. Tot School: Insects
  2. Butterfly Painting
  3. Tot Time: Beetle Mania...as in Beetle the Bug
  4. Jack of All Trades: Tot School: Bug Sensory Bin

One of the other skills Lily has been working on is throwing with a purpose.

Tot School: Insects

Using masking tape, I attempted to create a spider web in the doorway of her playroom. Instead of throwing them like she does everything else, she insisted on gently placing the bugs in the web with utmost care. Initially I planned on having Lily create different bugs using these do-a-dot pages , but then I saw that this color matching mosaic pegboard was a lightening deal on Amazon Prime Day so I had to get it.

In my defense, it had been on my wish list for a while so I was being a savvy shopper by snagging it on sale, right? These pegboards are basically like traditional do-a-dot pages in the sense that learners are putting things on dots, but this one kicks it up a notch. Lily was able to work on her color matching, eye-hand coordination, and logical thinking while creating a cute little bug! There are nine other pictures in her kit to pick from too! I cut out a construction paper rectangle and put contact paper in the middle so it was nice and sticky.

I cut up little pieces of yarn to act as part of the web, along with a pretty lame looking spider. Lily matched my spider cut-out to the one on the book, so it made me feel a little better that she knew what it was supposed to be.

Butterfly Painting

Using the contact paper as the base, Lily placed the bits of yarn on it to create a web! She took her time carefully laying the yarn to create a nice web-like pattern at least in her mind. Also, sorry for the bad picture above, but that was Lily getting caught in her own sticky web and it was too cute not to include!

Bug Tot

She ended up trying to jump off it, but her feet we stuck and she ended up doing a sort of cannon ball on the floor with the paper still attached. I found this idea along with other activities you could based on this craft from Munchkins and Moms. This had to be my favorite game of the week, because it got Lily so tired out that she ended up taking a two hour nap!

All I did was blow up some balloons and draw faces on them so they looked like bugs. Initially I had her try to bop the bugs with part of a pool noodle, and she absolutely loved swinging that thing around at the balloons. She eventually gave up with the noodle and decided to run laps around her room through the bugs for what had to be a solid five minutes. That may not seem like a long time, but she was exhausted by the end of her run!

Tot Time: Beetle Mania...as in Beetle the Bug

The last thing she tried to do was round up all the bugs and put them in her laundry hamper. This proved to be a little harder to do because the hamper only fit maybe three of the six bugs, so she had to problem solve how to get them all in. Her solution was to have me hold them on top for her. Our themes this month are transportation, table manners, shapes, and continuing on how to use the potty.

Water Proof Markers. The Sunbeams Class. About the Tigger Bug's Class The Tigger Bugs Class is where our 2-year-olds focus on treating others with kindness and respect, using appropriate manners and following directions.

Jack of All Trades: Tot School: Bug Sensory Bin

I began working with kids in I have worked with school age kids as well as preschool kids. I took a short break from being a teacher and missed working with children so I went to that profession. I'm a very calm patient person and really enjoy working with the 2 year old's.