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Humans "carried evil out of the forest and have evolved its huge spectrum and power. Satan could never have done that" Uncertain at book's end how this is to resolve. This volume nevertheless ratifies its antecedent regarding the monocular character: "your fine brain is undivided, uncloven and whole" By contrast, perhaps a description of the default condition in how certain others "gather themselves from disposed parts of human personalities, shards of injury or enigma turned spiteful or malicious" This volume dials up the international conflagration: "We already own four colony states and have control over the mineral wealth of another three.

Africa will soon be the storehouse for the Reich's war machine" We see that trauma is transformative insofar as "painful qualities had solidified into something greater: a nameless strength that had been gifted equally by all those who had loved and abused her" We see also that desire structures perception in "she had 'seen' only what she wanted to and it had made her more blind than before" Very much "the trees could fight back" via transpiration --the enemy is symbolized as "the black twisted sun wheel stamped in a rectangle of red" In a series abundant with creative cruelties, perhaps the best occurs here, when "he slithered only into recollections of what he had been" --a "thing that should be dead.

A contradiction to the rules of life itself" Plenty of interest going on otherwise. Ultimately, "the forest cared nothing about the flickering life of men" --a "refraction in the polished indifference of the Vorrh" id. Recommended for the vegetative being lost in a long thinking that communicates across all species, those riding a Mobius strip of altered suggestion, and readers who made some notorious operations realigning and inventing genders. Sep 22, The Gone-Away World. As the thought experiment here enacts the great dream of all speculative fiction writers, a singular labor-saving device, like ghosts and sorcery, whe As the thought experiment here enacts the great dream of all speculative fiction writers, a singular labor-saving device, like ghosts and sorcery, wherein the onerous process of writing is eliminated by making manifest the great dreams of speculative fiction through thought alone, this novel reveals the self-eliminating desire at the core of speculative writing.

The apocalyptic mechanism which is otherwise described at length: view spoiler ["a sort of vicious absence blooms" ; "demonstrative world-editing" ; "silence is almost worse than the noise" id.

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But it will not be his choice. The perverse lesson is accordingly that all speculative fiction writers are Nazis. Recommended for those who rediscover radicalism by sexual transmission, persons who have never written a confession before, and readers in the vast bleak desert of the Unreal.

"The Lucifer Rebellion and the End of the Planetary Quarantine" (Sept 2014)

Aug 12, Wunderkind lesbian insinuates herself into office in homophobic empire. Why do we not go to them?

The logical extreme is a conflation of oikos and polis in the laws of household management, with the ultimate goal of having oikos and polis coincide without remainder, a perfect totalitarianism: When the work is complete, when our hegemony is total, no one and nothing will act without our consent. By volition will be synonymous for by decree. The law of the Empire will live within every soul and cell, there will be no more pain or waste. Only harmony. A matter of deception, of conviction, of lies made true through performance. Overall a meditation on what it means to serve.

If that gratitude had been hammered into the alloy of his being? This should apply with full force and effect to the protagonist herself. Effective pathos, plenty of war and bravado, the normal competent serial speculative fare. Recommended for readers guilty of hedonic sociopathy or hereditary misconjugation, those who speak of the transience of worldly authority, and screamers of axioms of nihilist self-negation. Jul Authority Southern Reach, 2. Protagonist retains the CIA to carry out the most expensive freudian transference of unresolved parental issues of all time.

Just as the first volume, Protagonist retains the CIA to carry out the most expensive freudian transference of unresolved parental issues of all time. Just as the first volume, Annihilation , is a detective narrative set within the confines of an environmental anomaly, so too this is a detective story set within the agency meant to investigate the anomaly--one is just as fucked up mysterious as the other. This is express: view spoiler ["He'd been sent on an expedition into the Southern Reach and just like the expedition into Area X, not told the truth" Dude even searches for the "elusive janitor" of the agency in a manner similar to the nasty 'writer' of Volume I, though the result is not the same.

In carrying out the task, he adopts the rationale that he should "never do something for just one reason" 19 , which is perhaps good writerly advice.

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Similarly, though, narrator concedes Foucault's author-function thesis in "What if when you accreted personality and other details around mere function" Perhaps the text lays down a rule of nerd-boiled fictions in "The brush gleamed when his flashlight struck it, seemed to want to communicate, akin to the scribbled-on receipts and torn magazine pages that laid bare parts of her life to him, more meaningful to him than his own" : the detective's own life never really matters, outside the case, which seems to apply to Dupin, to Poirot, to Marlowe, to all of HPL's doomed investigators.

This may be undone a bit by the freudian thick description of the detective's mom--but view spoiler [as she is involved in the case, we're not really violating the purported rule hide spoiler ]. That is, balanced against the detective work at the agency is protagonist's ongoing reconsideration of his absent spy mother, "out in the field, in some far-off city or country: that distant streak of light that sometimes came down out of the night sky and materialized on their doorstep as a human being" This is juxtaposed against the appearance of "an Event" along the "forgotten coast," "light as fog, almost invisible except for a flickering quality," "quickly emanated out in all directions from an unknown epicenter and then suddenly stopped at its current impenetrable limits" Bad parenting is much like an intrusive alien event "She'd rarely been there" 70 , except as a rare intrusion , I suppose, just as, in volume I, a cocked up marriage is much like a hostile alien environment that drives explorers crazier than a shithouse rat.

If it is a detective story, however, protagonist is not very good at it, as he is routinely outwitted by witnesses such as the narrator from volume I and his subordinates and superiors at the agency and is unable to draw many inferences from the available evidence. Ultimately, he pulls the scientific endeavors into colloquy with religion, insofar as "maybe 'superstition' was what snuck into the gaps, the cracks, when you worked in a place with falling morale and depleted resources" , which strikes me as the default position of all science.

At the agency, the "atmosphere was like that inside a cathedral" Dude considers the facilities as characteristic of "the calcification of revivalists and born-agains" Somewhere else is a "shrine" ; one of his tasks is "penance" A mockup of heisenberg uncertainty insofar as "when they looked away from the microscope, the samples changed" ; protagonist imagined "the samples starting to dance behind that door, freed of the terrible limitations of the human gaze" Very much a kuhnian objection, say, in "because our minds process information almost solely through analogy and categorization, we are often defeated when presented with something that fits no category and lies outside the realm of our analogies" Or: "A circle looks at a square and sees a badly made circle" Perhaps one thing that he does detect is that the expeditions themselves are the scientific experiment, with human test subjects: "If you quacked like a scientist and waddled like a scientist, soon, to nonscientists, you became the subject under discussion and not a person at all" Ultimately, narrator does not believe that one particular thesis will "explain a goddamn thing," but rather that it "amounted to a kind of religion" --which, again, strikes me as the default position of the sciences, taking into account Quine-Duhem, W.

Sellars, Rorty, and the rest of the analytic tradition's self-examination. Definitely invokes the lovecraftian imaginary in such lines as "The kind of 'strange doings' alluded to by hard-living bearded fishermen in old horror movies as they stared through haunted eyes at the unforgiving sea" It is perhaps not coincidental that this horror narrative arises in a typically lovecraftian locale, typified as one of a number of "places that were poison to real estate agents, with little infrastructure and a long history of distrust of government" The anxiety of influence is certainly acknowledged: "The movie was terrible, the kind of science-fiction film where the plot holes almost seemed like alien interference imposed from some higher dimension" Some critique of the extreme ecological position, wherein a scientist complains that an experimental release of white rabbits near the catastrophe area I suppose that scene places this in a semiotic literary chain with Lewis Carroll and Jefferson Airplane and The Matrix , "What the hell?

This is an invasive species. They would have contaminated Area X" 57 ; the absurd result is the environmentalist's genocide, which appreciates the encroachment of "pristine wilderness" to displace "human made toxins" 59 , wondering whether it should be encouraged. One perhaps understands their upside-down thinking, when confronted with "the runoff from agribusiness" and the "paper mills and ruins of earlier factories" that "coursed into seas ever-more acidic" Recommended for readers who believe that a kind of fragmentation has crept into other people's minds, those who dissect the daily terroir playing out across the street, and persons held up as heroes but who are really just survivors.

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Annihilation Southern Reach, 1. Couple in a cocked up marriage retains apocalyptic alien ecosystem as the most expensive marital therapy of all time. Narrator is a scientist sent by t Couple in a cocked up marriage retains apocalyptic alien ecosystem as the most expensive marital therapy of all time. All that said, something serious here about linguistics, though not sure what at this point; something about borders; something about ecological transitions; something about the philosophy of science insofar as she cautions about potential problems with her objectivity —a lot going on in this text conceptually.

Something also about the nature and extent of personhood. Pregnant, all of that, even before considering view spoiler [that human bodies are grossly being "repurposed" hide spoiler ]. The concept may appear elsewhere, perhaps such as view spoiler [in the revelation that her "12th expedition" may rather be the 12th time this cycle of expeditions, which has gone on way longer than anyone knows hide spoiler ]. Recommended for readers who interrogate the impossible and have a self-immolating desire for truth, those who take photographs mechanically like a golem, and persons concerned that judgment of their objectivity might be influenced by what they have neglected to mention.

Feb 13, Capitalism would inch forward, without my actually having to interact face-to-face with another human being. It is not obvious to me that the resolution of the narrative addresses this issue, either. Most of the plot unfolds on the internet, as narrator races to search out virtual objects that might trigger the provisions of the will of an internet gazillionaire. The search is based on a nostalgia tour of mass culture products of the 80s—so it is rewarding for nerds of my age who lived all that stuff the first time.

Dec 08, The Unholy Consult Aspect-Emperor, 4.


Suffering but one disorder, I am addicted to atrocity. This series demonstrates well the principle that trauma is transformative, as it is an undeniab Suffering but one disorder, I am addicted to atrocity. This series demonstrates well the principle that trauma is transformative, as it is an undeniably traumatic readerly experience, leaving me feeling transformed qualitatively after each installment. Each volume tends to stand for a proposition I have re-urged two of them, above : here, contenders include "only transgression could replace the meat [ This volume is by far and away the most traumatic.

Am still not over it more than a year later. Who will take the knife to my heart? Jul 27, Protagonist overcomes chthonophobia through clever monorail heresy. Okay then! That is a railesea word.

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Were they writing in heavenly script? Some specificity at ff.

Plenty of interesting things to go around otherwise. Recommended for those who think that the earth is literal poison, persons whose mood is not spoiled by the imperious melancholy of others, and readers whose fights have been subject to centuries of complex, exhaustive categoric imperative. With Buddy Collette. With Sonny Criss. With Bill Evans. With Art Farmer. With Maynard Ferguson. With Ella Fitzgerald. With Stan Getz. With Dizzy Gillespie. With Jimmy Giuffre. With Hampton Hawes.

With Hank Jones. With Quincy Jones. With Stan Kenton. With Barney Kessel. With John Klemmer. With Jimmy Knepper. With Andy LaVerne. With John Lewis.

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With Junior Mance. With Henry Mancini. With Johnny Mandel. With Warne Marsh. With Bill Mays. With Howard McGhee. With Jack Montrose. With Gerry Mulligan. Get e-book Notes of a Young Drummer Free download. Discussion Questions: Fahrenheit ? Notes of a Young Drummer Unabridged Meanwhile, he continued to record with various small groups of his own. Publisher Description With Junior Mance. Crockett Johnson. Fear And The Storm.