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See this fun review and round up of Snakes on books from Amazon Books. Each month he selects a Rookie and Veteran book.

We're deeply sadden by the passing of Francisco Toledo , he will always be El Mastro. Paul was fortunate of enough to have met Francisco and pen a story about the Mastro for The Smithsonian Magazine recently. Available in the link below or on apple, google and android podcast. Tickets are still available, have you ordered yours? See below for a link to purchase tickets. Check out the new PaulTheroux. Today marks the fourth anniversary of the death of renowned neurologist, author and thinker Oliver Sacks.

Prior to his passing of a rare cancer, Sacks filmed this documentary about his life and work. While books, like travel, were an escape, they also became the destination. The ideal candidate is someone without comprehensive dental insurance who has an open mind and time to travel abroad. Consider the following:. Even with satisfactory answers to these questions, there are still risks involved.

If there is a problem with the work, the burden of extra costs falls to you. Prospective patients also need to verify the timing of their procedure to determine how long they will be overseas. One or two weeks are usually needed for a crown; an implant might require two separate short visits.

Michael had already had his tooth removed in the U. We planned a month for our work in Bucharest, which also gave us plenty of time to explore the city and surrounding area. Overall, our experience as dental tourists was pleasant, and we will consider having work done here again. Plus we miss the Romanian pastries! To receive our free quarterly newsletter with updates and valuable travel tips subscribe here.

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Is Graceland worth visiting? Below is our review of visiting Graceland, which reflects updates to the facility unveiled earlier this year. The Elvis Presley Graceland home is a required pilgrimage for Elvis fans. We set out to see if a tour of the Elvis house was worth the price.

There are many different options for visiting, which we share below along with our candid opinions. If you are a fan going to Memphis to walk in the footsteps of your musical idol then Graceland is a must. Despite this, we were pleasantly surprised to find there was plenty to see, and it was one of the best Memphis tours that we took.

Since prices are subject to change we are categorizing them into 3 general price ranges:. The Airplanes Tour is a few dollars extra. We visited at on a weekday afternoon in late August and there was absolutely NO line.

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We strolled through the house practically on our own and had the Jungle Room all to ourselves. If you just won the lottery this is the tour for you. If you want to pay more to go inside the airplanes is up to you. Well, most people will be—Larissa was in there for half an hour! The Jungle Room is legendary for what some consider its tackiness.

Woe unto anyone who had the misfortune to die in the s and have their design choices from that funky era of shag carpeting and garish colors be memorialized forever. On the plus side, a prerecorded guided tour with headsets is included with the admission ticket, most places charge extra for that.

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The tour of the grounds ends beside the in-ground pool with a somber visit to the Meditation Garden containing the graves of Elvis and his family. A stone marker also commemorates his twin brother Jesse, who was stillborn. He is buried here, along with his family, including his twin brother Jesse who was stillborn. Other displays include videos of his early TV appearances and costumes and memorabilia from his movies.

All Aboard Train Dizzy Dangler 76.2 cm 324343 Pack of 5

You can also see the outfits that he and Priscilla wore for their wedding. This makes it easy to pace yourself through the many exhibits. The ticket office, museums, jets, gift shops, restaurants and rotating displays are on the west side of Elvis Presley Boulevard, while the mansion is across the road. Visitors board shuttle buses to enter the mansion grounds.

One negative aspect was the parking charge. Winter hours and holidays might be shorter—best to check the website. Where to Stay: There are several hotels near Graceland. Check Prices! For the full immersion experience, the best choice would be The Guesthouse at Graceland , which is part of the Graceland complex. So is visiting Graceland worth it? For more opinions on whether Graceland is worth seeing here is a discussion on Fodors.

To receive monthly updates and valuable travel tips subscribe here. But he was this day. Being up close to the open jaws of a lion will do that to you. We had arrived in Africa a few days earlier for a safari so Larissa could fulfill her long-time dream of seeing wild animals in their native habitat. Michael is more of a city boy, more comfortable with concrete than trees, so while he was coming along reluctantly as the good husband, he had his doubts about how this bout with nature would turn out.

Best Nonfiction of – Scugog Public Library

During our travels around the world we met up with several people who just gushed about visiting Namibia, located on the southwest coast of Africa. Its main attraction is Etosha National Park, located about miles north of the capital city of Windhoek. About the size of New Jersey in the United States or Slovenia in Europe, Etosha surrounds a vast, blinding white saltpan and provides one of the best wildlife viewing areas in all of Africa.

On any given day a visitor can spot elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, springbok and, with a bit of luck, elusive rhinos, leopards and cheetahs. We were riding in the park on a guided game drive in an open air Land Rover, making sure not to leave our arms dangling outside of it.

Our safari driver, Ismail, knew all the hot spots or, in this case, wet spots as he sought out the waterholes where the animals congregate. Within minutes of entering the park gate we spied a pair of giraffes loping across the road with their signature languorous stride. Despite a childhood spent leafing through animal photos in the glossy pages of National Geographic, nothing prepared us for seeing these animals up close in their native habitat.

Surprisingly, Michael was enthralled as he watched the mesmerizing pace of the giraffes. We clicked through what would have been several rolls of film in the pre-digital era in about five minutes. After 20 dusty minutes on a gravel road we reached the Nebrowni waterhole, where hundreds of zebras were eagerly quenching their thirst. Sprinkled among them were springbok, dik-diks and impalas. We watched the animals for a spell and were just about to leave when off to the right three mammoth leathery gray piles lumbered towards us. The elephants plodded along with a slow-motion rumbling gait, with their big ears flopping back and forth.

As the elephants made their deliberate progress towards the waterhole, the zebras got a bit restless. Most of them had seen this movie before and scurried away before the gargantuan onslaught. It was no different here. The zebras and springbok crept away and meandered aimlessly while waiting for the big boys to have their fun.

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They plunged right in, splashing and swinging the water around with their trunks. They played for an hour, as delighted as schoolchildren on the first day of summer. Elsewhere giraffes crouched into their distinctive splay-legged wide stance so they could reach down with their long necks and slurp some water. Hours slipped away as we enjoyed front-row seats for our very own live-action nature film.

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Elephants here, zebras there. At one point Ismail pointed out a large animal about 20 yards off to the side of the Land Rover plodding through the bush. At first, all we could see were branches being disturbed but then we focused on a sight that is rare indeed, the elusive white rhinoceros. This time we put the camera down and enjoyed the moment.

Later that evening, as the setting sun was casting a golden glow on the savannah, we got a bit more than a pinch. We had stopped on the narrow shoulder of the road and parked over a culvert to take some photos of the sunset. Meanwhile Ismail was dropping rocks onto the culvert.

He said lions sometimes sleep there to escape the heat and this would bring them out. But guess what: his technique worked, perhaps too well. Just be careful if you wake up a sleeping lion.