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Hoping this school year is fantastic! You and your husband did a fantastic job and John learned a hard lesson, but knows that his family will always be there for him I know he already knew that! We had a similar experience in preschool and I know how it feels to see your sweet child so upset and not want to look the teacher in the face. Our children are so amazing how they treat people with grace and forgiveness. It boggles my mind how children are like that and I only pray that I can learn more from them!

Joseph Esper. It has a chapter for lots of common issues anger, gossip, depression, illness, impatience… and how saints dealt in similar situations.

Dixie and the Class Treat by Grace Gilman | Scholastic

As a first time mom-to-be, this was heart wrenching. What a tribute to you and your husband as fantastic parents taking notes over here! Thank you for being so willing to share this. I had tears while reading what happened. You did everything right in such a horrible situation. Praying both your boys have a wonderful school year and that no child has to be at the receiving end of the verbal abuse from this teacher again. Dear Amanda- I am sorry that this terrible situation happened to your son and family.

NO adult, especially a teacher, should ever treat a child that way. I never post comments on blogs or instagram, but I had to commend you on sharing so honestly. You are the sweetest person and your family is adorable. And your blog is fabulous! Best of luck and happiness to all of you. I too had a horrible 3rd grade teacher, who did her best to make me feel bad about myself. What is with all the 3rd grade horror stories?! I was a hyperactive, talkative, probably very annoying student, but her behavior was rude and unprofessional and I remember it to this day I am 37 now.

I still detest that woman. And good for John for overcoming the challenge and moving on. Oh Amanda! I cannot imagine what you went through. How awful for all of you! I am so thankful it was resolved successfully and am praying that 4th grade is excellent for John! I have two sons who are successful recent college graduates.

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Like you, I had to become involved at times after unsuccessfully coaching them through the situation on their own. I think the way you handled the situation was perfect and will help teach your son how to cope with the negative people he encounters in life.

As sad as it is to see our sweet children treated badly these experiences while under our wings really end up being a blessing. Thank you for sharing this and for being careful to still be respectful of all parties involved. What an example you are to your boys and us other mamas to treat others with kindness and grace and respect, always. Praying for an easier year for your boy and your family! Just wow. So glad you had a positive resolve with your situation. That could have been life-changing. I still cannot believe the abusive teacher went without serious employment consequence.

One of my daughters had a hard time at the beginning of middle school — 6th grade — in a new neighborhood — just after a divorce. Easy fix — the vice-principal gave her her own locker. Sounds trite, but it was hard for her and ME.

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I am happy to hear you were able to resolve this situation with the school. You did the right thing in having your son moved out of that classroom.

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You will never know what was said to that teacher, the administrator, But there are some people who should not be in their chosen profession. I wish John a great year in 4th grade! This post made me cry. I had a similar situation with one of my daughters. It was awful! I had a bad feeling from the start, but with time it became much worse. The hard part she did not do this to the other kids so the other parents did not see it. Long story short, God made us the protectors of our children.

After many prayers and tears God moved this teacher to another school. When I look back I feel like I should have intervened sooner, but thankfully God sent the best 2nd grade teacher that took her under her wings and showed her how an Awesome teacher can be. This is such a sad story. I taught third grade for 14 years and I hope I never treated any of my children unfairly.

As a teacher, I am horrified that this behavior occurred. As a parent, I am so glad you intervened. Bless your little boy as he starts fourth grade. I was also glad that your sweet boy was moved to another class. As a school counselor and psychometrist, I was saddened and angered to hear of how the first teacher treated your son and I am sure, others in the classroom.

School is the place every child should feel safe and loved. It is a place which should foster creativity, a love of learning, compassion for others, and cultivate working relationships with others.

A good teacher respects his or her students and creates a sense of belonging in the classroom. So sad this person is in the teaching profession. I too am thankful for Miss C and the model of a caring teacher that she was for your son. Wishing your family a wonderful school year! Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse. I follow A LOT of bloggers, but yours is my absolute favorite. Because it is so apparent what a wonderful mother you are to your boys. May God richly bless your family and watch over your family during this next school year and in the years to come!

She would cry from the time she got home until the time she went to bed. She would start crying Sunday about having to go to school on Monday. She scratched her arms, it was a terrible time.

Dixie and the Class Treat by Grace Gilman

We somehow made it to the end of the year and took her out of that school, which was the most sought after in our district, and put her in private school. Private school was a whole new wonderful experience and the best choice we could have made. I am so glad the administration at least removed him from the class, ours was very dismissive. God bless you and John. No child or parent should have to experience this at school.

Which should be a safe haven for each and every child. And I am very disappointed that the principal did not do her job of ensuring that the learning environment was fully in place in this classroom. And her lack of response to you as a parent with documented cause is dereliction of her duties. It appears that the principal was afraid to confront that teacher for some reason.

Then they will be in an optimal learning mode. Both principal and teacher should have been seriously reprimanded for their behavior or lack of appropriate action.

I would have even considered non-renewal. Love, Marme. I have so many things going through my mind after reading that but I am truly speechless as to how to reply. This absolutely breaks my heart. It breaks my heart for all of you. I think you and Honey did everything right in your actions. I knew God would turn this around and it looks like he did. Hopefully John will grow from this horrible situation and it will make him stronger for it.

I will pray for her as well but I will continue to pray for John and for your sweet family.

God is good and I know John will have a much better school year to come. Thank you for sharing this story with us.